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Wellsway Multi Academy Trust

Keynsham, Bath & North East Somerset, UK

Wellsway School in Keynsham, just outside of Bristol, is an Academy with 100 teaching staff and 1350 pupils. The school has adopted a 1 to 1 policy using Apple iPads. We spoke to Richard May, ICT Network Manager, about why they chose Foldr to support it.

We started by asking Richard how he found about about Foldr.

"We were first recommended Foldr by our reseller whilst investigating a 1 to 1 iPad project. We needed to quickly and easily access network documents on our iPads. Without it we'd have had to look at something like Dropbox with all the ensuing worries where data is going."

Of course, in schools data security is paramount so we spoke to Richard about how Foldr helps to maintain security.

"It allows us to access documents directly off the network and obeys all our existing file and folder security settings."

What about the implementation process and on-going management of Foldr?

"Foldr is one of the simplest ever products to introduce. It just worked from day one." Richard went on to say, "Once the product is setup, there is no need for IT to spend hours creating accounts or for teachers to upload documents. An hour or so of initial work and then it's basically looked after itself."

We asked Richard about the reaction that Foldr has received amongst teaching staff.

"When they see all their network documents accessible on their iPad, staff just love how it gives them immediate access to everything without having to upload it somewhere first."

So would Richard recommend Foldr to other schools and colleges?

"Absolutely, it's been one of the best products we've ever introduced and Minnow were very flexible in allowing us to fully trial the product."

Wellsway Multi Academy Trust

Number of pupils: 1300+
Age: 11-18

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