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Tomlinscote School

Frimley, Surrey

Michael McLannahan is the ICT Network Manager at Tomlinscote School and Sixth Form in Frimley, Surrey. With pupils ranging from 11 to 18 years old, Michael helps to look after 160 staff and 1700 pupils.

With a mix of iPads, Android and Windows tablets, PCs and Macs, Michael was challenged with providing a secure method for staff and pupils to get easy access to files and folders from multiple devices both internally and remotely.

"When our Apple account managers mentioned Foldr to me I was certainly intrigued”

"We organised a trial and it just worked from day one."

We asked Michael why he didn’t choose one of the purely cloud based solutions such as Dropbox or Google Apps for Education and Drive.

"In my mind there will always be questionable data protection issues over cloud suppliers, plus adopting one of these services would have meant copying our data elsewhere making multiple copies of the same file."

So how have the teachers and pupils at Tomlinscote School taken to Foldr?

"Set-up and integration were very easy, we pretty much went ‘big bang’ with the roll out and it was instantly a success."

Considering Michael’s wish to find a solution with the minimum of fuss and disruption we spoke to him about how easy Foldr was to implement across the school network and devices.

"It has gone down enormously well. It’s used a great deal by staff and students (1000 non-domained laptops) and if there’s ever any external connectivity issues…it’s always the first server to get reported! It’s loved for its speed, reliability and ease of use."

"It’s been fantastic and has truly bridged the awkward cross platform issue."

So we asked him if he would recommend Foldr to other educational institutions and why?

"Yes, without hesitation. It’s easy, quick, reliable and integrates quickly and simply. The app is intuitive and most users can pick it up within seconds. It has allowed us to embrace BYOD."

Tomlinscote School and Sixth Form College

Number of pupils: 1600+
Age: 11-18

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