Unify your storage and enable collaboration

Foldr brings together your existing Cloud and on-site storage and allows greater cross-collaboration between your teams and storage

Enterprise Solutions

Some reasons to love Foldr

Simple setup

Easy to use and no complicated set up. You can have Foldr utilising your existing on-premise storage within the hour.

Integrates with your favourite storage

Foldr uses your existing on-premise storage to connect, giving you control over your data provenance.

Use your favourite apps

Foldr gives you the freedom to edit using your favourite apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Prefer Microsoft’s options? You can also edit your documents in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint at the click of a button.

Ctrl/Cmd S

Save your documents in Office or G Suite and you’ll be saving the document back to its original location.

  • Simple amalgamation of your on-site and cloud storage devices giving you the best of both!
  • Increase productivity and decrease support requests to IT
  • Utilise existing infrastructure
Work Anywhere
Work Anywhere
  • Native mobile apps
  • Access Foldr from anywhere with an internet connection
Be Gone
  • Track file usage from the admin dashboard
  • End-to-end encryption for file handling
  • Limit use by user, group and IP range
  • File sharing is as easy as adding a user
  • Edit and save back to a shared location
  • Create groups that only users can access and share from

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