One login to rule them all, on-premise or in the cloud

Foldr Single-Sign-On gives your users secure access to all of their connected services with a single login

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Single Sign-On Perks

Connect to your favourite products

Foldr’s SSO allows you to login to your favourite apps automatically such as Office 365, Google G Suite, or any application that uses SAML.

Existing Directory SSO

Your Active Directory or eDirectory doesn’t understand things like SAML and SSO tokens (which are required by any site that can act as an SSO Service Provider). Foldr can act as a bridge – users can use their existing logins, but can automatically sign in to Service Provider sites using Foldr’s SSO IdP features.

Reporting in real-time

Real time reporting on user stats such as system logging and IP tracking, gives you peace of mind that your users connections are all secure.

Internal Directory SSO

Use Foldr’s internal directory system to provide a master list of accounts, then use them to connect to external sites and services.

Single Sign-On Benefits

Increased security

Control over password storage and one set of login details for users ensures systems remain secure. No more sticky note passwords and pets’ names.


Automate your processes and deploy applications in minutes - Foldr’s SSO means that users spend less time remembering passwords and logging in, and more time getting down to business.

Your directory, your SSO

Use your Active Directory or eDirectory to link your internal accounts to Foldr’s SSO, which can then be linked to external systems. Permissions can be controlled and administered via your AD accounts.

Easy to use web interface

Manage your connected accounts and log in to your services with our simple web interface - it’s one place to go to connect to everything!

Single Sign-On features

There’s an app for that

Users can access their accounts via apps built for iOS and Android devices.

On-premise SSO

Need that little bit extra security? You can utilise your on-premise storage, so there is no chance of those pesky cloud based data leaks.

2-Factor authentication

Something you know (your password), and something you have (a mobile device). Passcodes are sent to users’ mobile devices to keep all of your services super secure.


Report on login activity, user activity, login locations and more with Foldr’s reporting dashboard.

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Our customer stories

  • “Foldr helps us cross and dot the T’s and I’s with many data protection laws, this was really important to us.”

  • “It seamlessly glues together the Windows and Mac environments. Staff are able to access their files and documents anywhere and at anytime.”

  • “It allows us to access documents directly off the network and obeys all our existing file and folder security settings.”

  • “Foldr’s been fantastic and has truly bridged the awkward cross platform issue.”

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