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What is Captur?

Captur for Foldr provides powerful tools to extract, process and search data from all of your documents - no matter where they are stored.

Explore and manipulate structured data from unstructured documents.

With our visual template designer you can quickly build templates to classify and process all of your business documents.

Custom fields provide contextual metadata for all of your files, regardless of their location. Table support means that related data stays together.

Index Everything
Index Everything

With the power of Foldr, Captur can connect to all of your on-premise and cloud storage locations. Captur does all of its processing in-place.

Smart Templates
Smart Templates

User-friendly template designer with simple drag-and-drop operations. Zones can be free-text search, regular expression or positional (box) based. Easily classify documents based on required zones.

Custom Fields
Custom Fields

Use Captur to populate Custom Fields on your files with intelligent value conversion, smart date formatting and advanced table support.

Smarter Search
Smarter Search

Build complex search queries using our easy-to-use visual query builder. Search across all of your file content and custom field values with advanced operators. Drill-down to find the data that you need.

What makes Captur different?

What makes Captur different?

  • Captur's designer provides a simple and straightforward interface for creating extraction templates.
  • Smart zone sizing and tethering means that you don't have to worry about scanned documents of different sizes, Captur will still extract your data.
  • The perfect partner for the document scanner in Foldr for iOS.
  • Foldr's advanced storage connectors mean that your files remain right where you left them - whether on-premise or in the cloud. No need to move data or set up additional storage.
  • Extracted data appears right alongside the source files. Users can view, filter, edit and update it alongside other custom fields.
  • Smart table extraction provides structured data from unstructured documents.
  • Seamless integration with Foldr Search means that you can construct and perform advanced search queries on your extracted documents.

How does Captur enhance Foldr?

Zonal OCR
  • User-friendly template designer using simple drag-and-drop operations.
  • Zones can be free-text search, regular expression or positional (box) based.
  • Full regular expression engine support with built-in examples, such as postcode and telephone number.
  • Box zones can be "tethered" to text zones allowing for movement of the document itself (e.g. on a scan bed or mobile camera) or of data around the document (e.g. the total value of invoices with different numbers of items).
  • Unique scaling system - tethered box zones are sized based upon their parent text zones allowing for scans of different sizes e.g. scan from mobile scanners.
  • Simple drag-and-drop for table column mapping.
  • Table row-detection algorithm. Captur will attempt to detect and capture table rows based on the content of user-defined columns.
  • Advanced zonal repeat and loop settings. Configure whether zones should repeat on-page or in-document and with what frequency.
  • Replace or modify captured values using free text or regular expressions.
  • Document classification - specify which zones are required - enabling powerful document classification with multiple templates.
Custom Fields (available without Captur)
  • Custom fields are configured globally and then applied quickly and easily to a share or storage location.
  • Granular permissions - specify which users and groups can write or edit field values on a per-share basis.
  • Allowed values - create dropdown lists to populate fields with pre-defined and valid values.
  • Support for string, text, numerical, boolean (true/false) and date field types. Geo-location coming soon.
  • Intelligent value conversion - map Captur zones to fields without worrying about data conversion.
  • Support for international decimal separators (. and ,) in numerical fields.
  • Smart date support. "12th June 2020" will be automatically converted to a date which can be used in date comparisons when searching.
Search (available without Captur)
  • Foldr's battle-tested search crawler can process thousands of documents per-day with support for parallel processing.
  • All custom fields are indexed with Foldr search allowing you to find the data that you need quickly and easily.
  • Advanced search capabilities based on field-type (e.g. search for dates within certain ranges).
  • Use Foldr's query builder to construct advanced search queries with multiple conditions and grouping from an easy-to-use UI.
  • View captured data in tabular format - as it was captured from the document.

Captur is available as an add-on to Foldr.
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  • “Foldr helps us cross and dot the T’s and I’s with many data protection laws, this was really important to us.”

  • “It seamlessly glues together the Windows and Mac environments. Staff are able to access their files and documents anywhere and at anytime.”

  • “It allows us to access documents directly off the network and obeys all our existing file and folder security settings.”

  • “Foldr’s been fantastic and has truly bridged the awkward cross platform issue.”

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