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Hove Park School

Hove, East Sussex, UK

Hove Park is a secondary school and sixth form in the south coast town of Hove, East Sussex. They were recently designated an Apple Distinguished School and have run an iPad 1:1 programme for several years.

We spoke with Ross Weeks who, as Hove Park School’s IT support manager, is responsible for implementing solutions to support teaching and learning for their 1,600 students and 200 staff.

As with many mobile device deployments there were some early challenges.

"When we first rolled out an iPad per student 3 years ago, it quickly became evident we needed to provide our users with a safe and secure storage location that was manageable by our IT Support team, rather than letting our 11-16 year olds loose on 3rd party cloud storage"

Ross explains how Foldr has also helped safeguard against data loss.

"Since we deployed Foldr 2 years ago, it’s become part of school policy to save work created on iPads to the network via Foldr. In the event of needing to replace a device, having easy access to students' and staff’s work is essential. Foldr has come to the rescue on more than one occasion."

The UK’s Office for Standards in Education, Ofsted, require schools to comply with stringent policies to protect potentially sensitive student data - a responsibility Hove Park School take very seriously.

"Foldr helps us cross and dot the T’s and I’s with many data protection laws, this was really important to us." So once Hove Park School had chosen Foldr, what was the reception like? Ross explains that things got off to a great start: "When we unveiled Foldr last September, we had a round of applause from everyone at the staff meeting!"

Hove Park School and Sixth Form Centre

Number of pupils: 1600+
Age: 11-18
Designated Apple Distinguished School

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