Who's using Foldr?

Businesses & Educational establishments around the world are hosting their own private cloud storage with Foldr.

It’s been a great addition to our learning transformation programme and is now essential in terms of the school’s use of iPads.

Ross Weeks - IT Support Manager

"It has been brilliant and a really cost effective way of making sure that the leap from stuttering old laptop to iPad, doesn’t seem so big."

Dan Oakes - Deputy Head

"It allows us to access documents directly off the network and obeys all our existing file and folder security settings"

Richard May - ICT Network Manager

"Pupils are now able to save anything they produce on their digital devices to their account on the school network and vice versa."

James Gibbons - Digital Leaders Coordinator

"Set-up and integration were very easy, we pretty much went ‘big bang’ with the roll out and it was instantly a success."

Michael McLannahan - ICT Network Manager

The iPad app is a great demonstration of the amount of thought that has gone into developing Foldr for schools.

iPads are designed to be single user devices, but this doesn't fit well with schools using tablets as a shared resource — this is where Foldr really excels on the iPad.

From my week or so of testing Foldr provides the perfect balance between the accessibility that teachers and students demand with the security of knowing your data is safe and secure. If you're using iPads Foldr has the benefit of having an extremely well considered app to allow your users to access their work in a way that will keep Network Administrators happy as well.

Karl Rivers - @Classthink

Foldr provides a nifty solution to ensuring files don’t have to sit in a Dropbox somewhere or a SkyDrive or anyone else’s drive for that matter. It can all be stored on your servers in your school.

Whether you’re looking at BYOD or a 1:1 rollout, Foldr could prove to be a very useful product that will either fulfil the need you have in order to get access to files or bridge the gap between what you want for your workflow and what is currently available.

Mark Anderson - @ICTEvangelist

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